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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

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Things can feel overwhelming in the early days until you get to understand what baby is saying with his cries. His needs are simple - love and cuddles, enough clothing to keep warm, milk when he’s hungry, a dry nappy and lots of sleep.

Recreating the  familiar comforting sensations of the womb for the first three months will help baby feel right at home. This means gentle rocking and “shushing”, mimicking the movement and constant sound of the womb, as well as firm swaddling, so baby feels held. Baby will also be soothed by sucking, whether nursing, drinking his bottle or using a dummy.

It’s hard to know how much milk baby is actually getting when breastfeeding, but if he’s putting on weight, wetting five or six nappies a day and making two poos, you’ll know he’s getting enough.

All those soiled nappies can take a toll on baby’s delicate skin. Use Bennetts® Baby Wipes and award winning Bennetts® Bum Crème at every nappy change to protect his skin and prevent nappy rash.  Bennetts refillable Bennetts® Bum Buddy will be your best friend - on the changing table and on the go. It lets you wipe and cream with one hand, while steadying baby with the other!

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What Moms & Dads have to say

Best Ever

“Bennetts Sun Protection Spray is just the BEST ever!! My little boy of 3 loves the water. The fact that it can be used on wet or dry skin makes it so much easier, I just spray it on and he is ready to play in the water while still being protected form the sun. The best is it can be used on the entire family. Thank you Bennetts for taking care of our family's skin.

Nita Herbst

Love Bennetts Bath Drops

“Bennetts Bath Drops are not only the best for my little girls eczema skin, but just as amazing for mine! I suffer with very sensitive skin and cannot use any fragranced products. I use a few drops of the Bennetts Bath  drops in my bath water, and it makes my skin soft, smooth and moisturized without the irritation of fragrances or colours!! LOVE the Bennetts Bath Drops!!”

Karla de Lange

Best Bum Crème

“I would like to express my utmost gratitude for making Bennetts Baby Bum Crème available to us mothers. My 1 year old had such a bad nappy rash due to teething for the past few days and it not only looked painful but it felt like welts on her bum. I’ve been using Bennetts for the past four years since my first daughter’s birth and I swear by it. Since I started using the Bennetts Baby Bum Crème last week, her nappy rash has started to disappear and finally I can have a good night’s rest. I’ve recommended this for family and friends as well. Thank you so much, Bennetts.”

Martha Bingwa

Love your Bath Drops

“Thank you Bennetts for the fantastic product – Bennetts Bath Drops! My little man has dry skin and has been moaning now that it is cold when I apply cream to him after a bath – I am so glad about the Bennetts Bath drops, I don’t have to upset him anymore, it is just so easy! When I am finished bathing him, his skin is so soft and smooth and I don’t need to worry!! Thank you!!!”

Tatum Arnold

Saved My Life

“I really just need to let you know that the Bennetts Colic Mixture literally saved my life when my boy had severe colic. We had him at the doctor twice, had nights that could rival any horror movie and we looked like zombies. Then our pharmacists gave us Bennetts Colic Mixture. Oh my, the difference was unreal… The sun started shining, I could hear the birds singing and above all… the constant crying/screaming stopped and our little baby could sleep again. Thank you!!”

Christie Jonks

Makes nappy changing easier

“I would just like to thank you for the Bennetts Bum Buddy!! I am a mom to two beautiful girls, both still in nappies, and this has made such a difference in our lives. I even have one in my car, just makes nappy changing that much easier!!”

Karin Ronge

Well done Bennetts

“I just had my baby boy recently & I loooovvve your Bennetts Bum Buddy, it’s so useful, I wish I had it when my little girl was born 3 years ago. It is by far the best gadget I have and it is not expensive at all. I just have to buy two more because I am carting it with me everywhere I go. Well done Bennetts!”

Samantha Desmore

Big Fan

“I am a big fan of all the Bennetts products. From the Bennetts Eazi Breathe Kit to the Bennetts Sunblock. My favourite it the Bennetts Baby Bum Crème. I have tried all the other bum creams on the market and none of them come close to the Bennetts Baby Bum Crème. I will never use any other barrier cream again. My daughter has never had a nappy rash, since starting on the Bennetts Baby Bum Crème. Once a Bennetts fan, always a Bennetts fan.”

Janine O’Reilly

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