Bennetts Bum Buddy

As a mom, you know how hectic life can be and sometimes it will become a little overwhelming. Introducing Bennetts Bum Buddy - a revolutionary design, designed to help you help your baby. Bennetts Bum Buddy is a refillable container that contains Bennetts Baby Bum Crème plus Bennetts Baby Wipes. So the next time you need to change a nappy, all you have to do is - wipe, clean and cream. Less time cleaning, more time with your baby!.

Innovative new product designed to make nappy changing easier

  • Bennetts Baby Bum Crème and Bennetts Wet Wipes available at the flip of a lid
  • Awarded Most Innovative Product at the Mama Magic Baby Expo in 2013
  • One handed device, designed to make nappy changing easier