Your baby is safe with us.

When it comes to baby care, every mom wants the best for her little bundle of joy. When a baby is distressed, mom wants a quality brand she can trust, and the Bennetts® brand has always been mothers first choice

A brand is born

When our father, brilliant chemist Basil Bennett first created his colic remedy 50 years ago, parents across the country sighed (and sometimes cried) with relief. Driven by our father’s legacy of care and concern for baby’s comfort, we decided to develop a range of products to accompany mom and baby’s journey through the challenging and rewarding early years. Bennetts is a family owned and run business that bears our name, so we put our heart into creating products that care for baby, a brand that families can trust and a personal touch to everything we do. We’re proud to say that Bennetts is now a household name and trusted brand synonymous with quality and care that parents can rely on

The Bennetts legacy

Today, almost 30 years later, Bennetts is an established brand with quality baby products and our dream of continuing our father’s legacy and building a business on a foundation of care, is a reality. We are proud of our accomplishments and remain passionately committed to continue the Bennetts legacy of quality and care.

Morris and David Bennett

A photograph of the original Bennetts Chemist
A picture of the original Bennetts Bum Creme in its original packaging
A photograph of Mr Bennett
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