Congestion in Babies

As most parents know, nasal congestion in babies is very common and can be caused by many different factors like a cold, allergies, acid reflux and many more. Nasal congestion in babies, especially newborns, is very bothersome as they are actually nasal breathers from the early neonatal period untill about 2 months of age. There are few things worse than listening to your baby struggling to breathe.

Symptoms of nasal congestion

·      Difficulty with feeding

·      Crying or becoming agitated

·      Nasal discharge

·      Noisy nasal breathing

·      Difficulty sleeping

·      Greater comfort when sitting upright

·      Snoring

·      Snorting

·      Sneezing

Bennetts has therefore specially designed Bennetts Saline Nose Spray to help thin nasal mucous and moisturise drynasal passages. The alcohol-free, non-medicated formulation will not irritate or sting baby's nostrils and can be used as often as necessary to maintain nasal hygiene. Bennetts Saline Nose Spray is a gentle, yet effective spray specially designed for infants, babies and toddlers. Bennetts Saline Nose Spray is also available with a nasal aspirator to clean away mucous from your baby's nostrils.  Note: Bennetts Saline Nose Drops has now been changed to Bennetts Saline Nose Spray and will be available in stores soon!!

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