From a tiny cluster of cells smaller than a grain of rice, baby grows over 9 months to fill your belly and take up every inch of your heart.

Taking Care of Mom

Baby has arrived and who would’ve thought something so tiny would generate so much emotion and need round the clock pampering! All of this, while you may be physically recovering from the birth and getting the hang of breastfeeding. 

# Advice for mom
Use Bennetts Nipple Cream to help you through the difficult early stages of breastfeeding and make time to pamper yourself with nutritious meals, rest while baby sleeps and relaxing baths.  It takes a village, so accept any practical help offered, but treat unsolicited advice with a nod and a smile - then follow your gut and the advice of a trusted professional.

Make sure that anyone wanting to cuddle baby uses Bennetts Family Care Hand Sanitizer or Bennetts Family Care Hygiene Wipes to banish those germs until baby has had his shots and developed some immunity.
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