Your baby deserves Bennetts Safe and gentle products to use along the journey.

Sun, sniffles and sleepless nights

Colds in winter and allergies and mozzies in spring and summer mean a restless night for baby and a sleepless night for you.

# Sun, Sniffles and Sleepless Night Tips

Make sure you’re armed with Bennetts Eazi breathe kit to keep the sniffles away. Saline nose drops will help thin the mucus and Bennetts Aspirator will help to gently clear baby’s tiny nasal passages. Rub some Eazi Breathe Balm* just below baby’s nose and some Eazi Breathe Vapour Gel* onto baby’s chest and back and you both might get some much-needed shut-eye.

Keep those mozzies at bay by applying Bennetts Mozzi Stick every four hours. It’s safe to use from birth and designed for babies and toddlers.

Bennetts Sun Protection Spray is a must-have for the whole family.

Safe to use from 6 months, it packs an SPF of 50, is non greasy and water resistant. Send a spray bottle off to school so it can be reapplied.* From 3 months.

# Recommended Products for Sun, Sniffles and Sleepless Nights
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