Bennetts Baby Moisturising Ointment

Bennetts Baby Moisturising Cream has been specially formulated for babies and children suffering from eczema and dry skin conditions. Our formulation contains no SLS, Fragrances, or Parabens. Bennetts Baby Moisturising Cream contains Cetomacrocol which is known to lock moisture into the skin. Bennetts Baby Moisturising cream is ideal to use as a soap substitute or as a base cream to mix ointments with.

Topical emollient that helps alleviate dry, itchy and eczema prone skin while protecting the skin from drying out.

  • It is suitable for daily use on all skin types
  • Endorsed by a dermatologist
  • Clinically proven to moisturise
  • Colour, Fragrance and Paraben Free
  • Can be used from birth