Your baby deserves Bennetts Safe and gentle products to use along the journey.

Bath Time

After swimming in amniotic fluid for 9 months, baby’s skin will be dry. He won't need a bath every day at first because he’s not exactly playing in the mud, but an evening bath followed by a feed can create a routine that tells baby it's night time and settle him for a longer, deeper sleep. Alternatively, a top and tail (washing his eyes and mouth and bottom with Bennetts Baby Wipes) will keep him clean. Bennetts Baby Bar is a pure glycerine soap that is gentle enough to use at every bath time from birth. 

# Bath Time Tips

If baby’s skin is particularly dry, warm Bennetts Baby Moisturising cream in your hands and massage baby before his bath. Using a toweling nappy to hold baby in the bath will stop him from slipping while you wash off the aqueous. For eczema, wash baby with Bennetts Baby Moisturising Ointment.

As he grows older, baby will love to splash about and squeal in the water. Use Bennetts Baby Soap or Bennetts Hair & Body Wash, which is gentle on baby’s skin, from 6 weeks and make bubbly memories. These bath products are colour and fragrance free, so they won't irritate skin or eyes and are great for the whole family.

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